Griffo Praises Psc for Delaying Action on Possible Changes to 315 Area Code

Griffo Supports Delay of 315 Area Code Changes

Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R, I, C,- Rome) was pleased that the State Public Service Commission (PSC)  has postponed plans to alter the existing 315 area code because of the potential for the region to exhaust all the possible phone numbers.

“From the beginning of this process, I worked with the PSC to ensure that the voices of the people of the region were heard, and that the process of making any change took into account all of the factors that would need to be considered,” Griffo said. “The 315 area code has been a part of the region’s telecommunications system for decades. Making a change is not as simple as changing digits on a phone. That’s why I have said from the beginning that a close look at this was essential and that we should not proceed too hastily.”

Griffo, who met with PSC Chairman Garry A. Brown as part of his efforts to ensure that the PSC adopted the right solution to the area code issue, thanked the PSC for the work it has done and for allowing more time to elapse before considering changes to the area code, which in 2007, when Griffo first became involved in the issue, the PSC projected would run out of numbers in 2010. In December 2008, the Senate passed Griffo authored legislation (Senate bill 8506) and reintroduced it in March 2009 (Senate bill 3260) to amend the Public Service Law and provide for adequate public input.

“The PSC alerted the public that this change could take place,” Griffo continued. “They made a good decision in pulling back from any existing timetable because the facts no longer are what the PSC expected them to be at this point in time. I hope that as time moves forward, the PSC will need to continue to work with us to review the options in the most open process possible,” Griffo said. “I will urge them to reconsider any change to the 315 area code and will communicate with the PSC on this issue so that the people of the region can continue to have a voice in this important matter.”


[6/15 PSC notice attached]