Griffo Says that Legislation Already Exists to Launch Cuomo Reform Plan

Griffo: Legislation Already Exists to Launch Reform Plan

Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-IP-C, Rome) today called upon Senate Democrats who have voiced support of Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo to show that support by embracing the reform package of Senate bills he has sponsored.

“Anyone who truly wants reform does not need until after the election to have it,” Griffo said. “Although I fully respect Attorney General Cuomo for his strong position on reform, in fairness the actions he is supporting are nothing that the Senate Democrats could not enact now if they want to support bills I have introduced as well as those of other reformers and fiscal conservatives. I’ve always been for reform. If they are now for reform, let’s push the legislation through Albany and get the job done, not wait for the outcome of the election. After all, it is pretty obvious that the system is broken and the people want it rebuilt. Let’s get to work instead of doing nothing.”

Griffo called for passage of these bills he has introduced:

On reforming the structure of government:

S.6093: A limited constitutional convention that can fix the structural flaws in the Legislature and in the rules that govern vacancies for elected positions, so that there can be no more appointments to statewide offices and no more backroom dealing. A companion bill (S.6094) bars politicians from serving as delegates.


Term Limits on elected officials.

S.3138: limits the tenures of the offices of the governor, comptroller and attorney general to no more than two elective terms of office.

S.21:  limits the term of state legislators to 12 years (3 4-yr terms)

S. 6060: A mechanism for recall that will remind Albany the people are in charge.

S. 6067: Give all legislators a real voice in filling a vacancy in the office of lieutenant governor.

S.3139: Limits tenure of temporary president of the senate, speaker of the assembly, minority leaders and committee chairs and S. 3138 to enact term limits for the attorney general and comptroller. When power is in the hands of a very few people, they taxpayers suffer.

S. 2929 and S. 2930: Instead of closed-door appointments, we need special elections for statewide offices of comptroller and attorney general when they become vacant. This bill restores the power of the people to fill those offices.

S.695: To provide for special elections to be held to fill vacancies in the office of United States Senator. 

On Reforming State finances:

S.3831: This bill creates the website to provide comparative data on what taxpayers get for their money.

S.3829: This bill will require an objective cost analysis of a state action to all levels of government, so that for once the real costs of policy actions are not hidden from the people.

S.3137: New York needs an independent budget office, so that instead of figures that mesh with political wants, we can develop a sound budget based on accurate numbers – just the way our family does.


On Reforming the Scope of Government:

S.3827: Establishes the commission on public authority reform to study and investigate reducing the number of public authorities and their subsidiaries. Authorities are a shadowy government and need to be reined in.


“It’s easy to say that action on reform will come ‘next year’. It’s always ‘next year’,” Griffo said. “I am tired of waiting; the people of New York are tired of waiting. My words to the Democrats lining up behind Andrew Cuomo are clear: Why wait any longer to make changes that are already overdue?”