Griffo Says New Yorkers Should Have Say In Legalizing Casinos

Griffo Says That Removing Gambling Barriers Should have NYers’ Approval

State Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R- IP-C, Rome) today renewed his call for the State to approve  a ballot initiative to allow New Yorkers to vote on the expansion of casino gambling.
Griffo reiterated his message during a hearing of the Senate Standing Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering.  The Committee is holding hearings this week, in Canandaigua, Albany and Long Island to discuss creating legislation to expand casino gambling and the condition of the horse racing industry in New York.
Griffo said. “Nationally, we’ve seen that the number of states that have commercial gambling casinos continues to grow – some states are looking to approve new measures to allow or expand it. The explosion of internet-based gambling outlets has also sparked conversation over what kinds of gaming is poised for growth and which kinds are due to struggle.”
Griffo said the Senate Committee’s intent is to collect information that will lead to the introduction of legislation specifically aimed to address regulatory concerns on the  expansion of gambling in New York. Griffo is the sponsors of a bills (Senate # 5426) that would allow for a referendum on casino gambling and a bill to aid the struggling racing industry (Senate # 3903A) An identical casino gaming bill passed the Senate last year, and Griffo believes that renewed attention has sparked movement toward pushing the measure.
“The Governor’s recent public statements that his Administration would seriously examine changing the laws that limited gambling, speaks volumes,” Griffo added. “In a challenging economic climate, all New Yorkers should have a voice if we move ahead in significantly expanding gaming options.”