Griffo Secures Grant For New Hartford Paving Projects

NEW HARTFORD – Sen. Joseph A. Griffo today announced that he has helped secure a $298,000 grant on behalf of the town highway department.

“The ‘deep freeze’ may have subsided, but its impact is evident on our local roads and highways,” said Griffo, R-Rome. “This grant comes at an opportune time for the town, and I’m pleased to have helped secure the needed funds.”

The town highway department is responsible for upkeep on 82 miles of roads. The grant and $182,000 in Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs) funds will pay for 88 percent of the $540,000 project this summer. Paving and resurfacing will be done on 8 miles of roads, including portions of Chestnut, Clintonview, Evalon, Gilbert, Grange Hill, Hubbarton, Mapledale, Mayberry, Pinecrest, Weston and Woodberry roads; Lindale and Oakdale avenues; Bayberry, Grasshopper, Pheasant, Sherman, Sherrill and Slaytonbush lanes; Imperial, Rollingwood, Salisbury, Sherman and South Hills drives; Alvin Place and Regal Court.

“Paving and resurfacing on town roads would have been minimal had it not been for Senator Griffo’s grant and the town board’s approval,” said New Hartford Highway Superintendent Richard Sherman. “Our roads took a beating this winter and these funds will make a significant impact in keeping our roads in good condition for the future.”

Griffo concluded: “I applaud the highway superintendent and the town board for implementing a scheduled paving program. It is serving taxpayers well, keeping the roads safe and their cars in good shape."