Griffo slams Gillibrand’s attempt to steal judgeship from Utica

New York State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-I-C-Rome, released the following statement today regarding the U.S. District Court judgeship in Utica: 

“Despite Sen. Gillibrand’s office indicating that a federal judgeship will remain in Utica, I question the senator’s sincerity. We all see this for what it is: A disingenuous attempt to steal a judgeship from the Mohawk Valley and move it to the Capitol District. Thankfully, U.S. District Court Judge Hurd, who is an exceptional and distinguished judge, was willing to take a stand to ensure that a federal judgeship remains in the region. Sadly, Sen. Gillibrand is once again showing her lack of interest in and unfamiliarity with our area that she underrepresents in the U.S. Senate.  

While I understand that the potential individual nominated to possibly replace Judge Hurd has signaled a willingness to preside in Utica, his name should be withdrawn. It is my concern that this individual, who resides in Saratoga County, will demonstrate a reluctance to relocate to the area as others in leadership positions have done in the past. This unwillingness to truly commit to the area is insulting to all those who pay taxes and have chosen to live and raise families in our region. Establishing an address locally but realistically residing elsewhere doesn’t cut it.  

It’s simple: Judge Hurd’s replacement must live in and should come from the greater Utica area. There are many qualified and capable individuals who practice and reside here who could serve in this position. However, Sen. Gillibrand must be either unaware or indifferent. It is time for Sen. Schumer to step in to make sure that the Mohawk Valley isn’t forgotten in Washington, D.C.”