Griffo statement on judge’s ruling regarding New York’s new gun laws

“I am encouraged by the verdict rendered by Judge Glenn T. Suddaby earlier today. His decision to block several critical aspects of the state’s new concealed carry gun laws affirms what my colleagues and I have stated all along: This law is unconstitutional. The sweeping changes made by the legislative majorities and governor in a hastened and nontransparent manner, much like the SAFE Act, came about without proper input from stakeholders and the general public in a hasten and nontransparent manner, will burden local governments and small businesses and negatively affect law-abiding New Yorkers. Proactive measures need to be taken to address the crime and violence sweeping our state, including focusing on mental health and illegal guns. However, these flawed changes will not make our state safer and will only infringe further on the constitutional rights of responsible gun owners, which is why I introduced legislation to repeal this bill soon after its passage. While the judge’s verdict is significant, I am hopeful that the remaining changes to the state’s law will be similarly overturned.”