Griffo statement on proposed legislation that would repeal Governor’s extraordinary powers

“For some time, we have been advocating for the repeal of the Governor’s extraordinary powers and have presented amendments in session to do so. This effort has been unsuccessful due to a lack of support from members of the Senate Majority.

Today, we were presented with legislation that supposedly focuses on the repeal of these powers. However, an initial review of the bill and news accounts raise a number of questions and concerns about this proposal, which, as presented, does little if anything to rein in executive power as it presently exists. My initial concerns include:

· The elimination of the original sunset clause that would lead to the expiration of the Governor’s extraordinary powers on April 30. 

· Reporting and commenting components included in the bill do not amount to anything significant or substantial, nor will they be deemed enforceable and effective.

· Only new executive orders will fall under the new proposed procedures. Existing orders and directives, which have caused the most concern due to their arbitrary and inconsistent nature, will continue.

While I will continue to review what has been proposed, this legislation appears to be very neutered, very deficient and really does not accomplish what it claims to do. At this time, this bill is more about nothing than it is about something.”