Griffo statement on State of the State Address

“The governor today outlined several priorities and initiatives that she hopes will help the state recover from the coronavirus pandemic and position New York for the future. We will now thoroughly review all of these proposals, offer our own counterproposals and discuss the potential affect that they will have on the state’s residents, taxpayers, families and businesses.  

While protecting the health of New Yorkers remains a priority, it is imperative that we also focus on stopping the troubling exodus of people from the state and resetting and rebuilding our state and local economies. As I have advocated throughout my time in the Senate, we must find ways to reduce taxes and regulations, lower energy costs, ease burdensome mandates, create and support economic opportunities and job growth, invest in our infrastructure and make the state more affordable. That is how we can stop the outmigration from the state that we have continued to witness.

Further, I will continue to push for practical and common-sense approaches that offer additional protections to crime victims and institute needed changes to the state’s bail and discovery laws, as well as industry-wide nursing home reform. I am pleased that the governor has proposed term limits for statewide elected officials - as I have proposed since my election to the Senate - and will advocate for additional legislation that I have sponsored that will make state government more transparent, responsive and accountable to those it represents. 

As we begin this year’s legislative session and prepare for the budget, I look forward to examining and debating the governor’s proposals with an open mind. Despite political and philosophical differences, we must find a way to govern, deliver for New Yorkers and move our state forward as we recover from and continue to confront COVID-19.”