Griffo Wants Power for Jobs Program Made Permanent

Griffo Calls for Immediate Action on Power for Jobs


(Albany ) Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-IP-C, Rome) today called for immediate action to extend New York’s Power for Jobs program and also called for a June deadline for action to make the program permanent.

As the Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, Griffo voted in committee yesterday and on the Senate floor today for Senate Bill 7573-A, which  would make Power for Jobs permanent, instead of requiring legislative action each year to keep the program running. S.7573-A now goes to the Assembly for their consideration before it can come to the Governor for his approval.

“Manufacturers across Upstate New York rely on the Power for Jobs program to reduce the cost of their electricity bills,” Griffo said. “The program benefits power consumers all across New York. With the current program set to expire May 15th, I am calling for Governor Paterson and leaders of both parties to unite behind our employers and approve extending the program through the end of the legislative term. With Albany so mired in disarray that the state budget is almost one month late, we should not play brinkmanship games with a program this important. We need to act now to send a signal to our manufacturers that this program will continue.”

Griffo said the extension will ensure the program continues without interruption until a new, permanent program is approved. “Power for Jobs should not be left up in the air on an annual basis, but continued as a strong component of our efforts to help the employers of New York state reduce their costs of doing business. I believe that approval of a permanent program can and should happen before the legislative recess at the end of June. I am calling upon leaders and legislators to work together and  work through differences by using the conference committee structure to make sure this happens.  In this economic climate, a program that saves and creates jobs should be above stalling and petty politics. We need action to make Power for Jobs a permanent part of our efforts to support manufacturers, and I am calling for action to make this an urgent priority.”