Sen. Griffo: Legislation aims to help taxpayers get tax refunds in timely manner


Contact: Alex Gerould – (315) 793-9072

ALBANY – State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, announced today that the state Senate recently passed legislation that would ensure hardworking taxpayers receive timely payment of state income tax refunds. 

The legislation (S2152) requires the state Department of Taxation and Finance to pay refunds within 30 days of receiving a taxpayer’s return. 

As the April 17th state tax deadline for filing returns approaches, it is paramount that all New Yorkers who overpaid their state taxes receive refunds in a timely manner. However, there have been numerous incidents of taxpayers having to wait three months or more before they received their refunds from the state Department of Taxation and Finance.

Under the bill, if the state is unable to pay a tax refund due to a discrepancy in the return, then the department would have to provide written notice to the taxpayer and a date when the discrepancy will be resolved. If the state fails in this obligation, it would also be liable to pay interest on the refund owed to the taxpayer.

“Taxpayers work hard for their money and we should be doing whatever we can to make sure that those who overpaid their state taxes receive their refund in a timely manner,” Sen. Griffo said. “This legislation requires the state to immediately act to put this hard-earned money back in the pockets of the state’s taxpayers.” 

The legislation was sponsored by state Sen. Carl Marcellino, R-Syosset. The bill will be sent to the state Assembly. ###