Sen. Griffo presents Empire Award to Varflex Corporation and Bartell Machinery Systems

ROME – State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-I-C-Rome, recently presented New York State Senate Empire Awards to Varflex Corporation and Bartell Machinery Systems, both headquartered in Rome. The award recognizes excellence in business.

“It was a pleasure to present these awards to Varflex Corporation and Bartell Machinery Systems,” Sen. Griffo said. “Both of these businesses are thriving companies and leaders in their industry that create jobs, help to spur economic growth and make significant contributions that positively affect the community and the state.”

Varflex Corporation has been manufacturing electrical insulating sleevings since its founding on May 24, 1924. Through the years, the company has designed and manufactured a variety of sleeving and related insulating products that are used in a variety of commercial and industrial electrical applications. For more information, visit 

“Varflex is honored to receive the New York State Senate Empire Award from Sen. Griffo,” said Dale Rashford, Sales Manager with Varflex Corporation. “Our company takes great pride in being a leader in our industry, providing local employment, spurring economic growth and being a positive contributor to both our local community and New York State.” 

Since the company’s founding in 1940, Bartell Machinery Systems has continuously worked to develop leading manufacturing solutions for a variety of industries. With generations of industry knowledge and engineering experience coupled with a world-class sales and technical service network, the company continues to deliver state-of-the-art technologies capable of meeting the most advanced production needs. For more information, visit

“On behalf of Bartell and all its employees, we greatly appreciate the recognition,” said Pat Morocco, President of Bartell Machinery Systems. “This award is a testament to the extraordinary efforts of our employees and the positive culture they have built. Bartell will continue to work to support our community and to help grow Central New York’s economic vitality through innovation, advocacy and engagement. We very much appreciate Sen. Griffo’s support and efforts to ensure a bright future for manufacturing in the Mohawk Valley region.”