Sen. Griffo's response to Governor's 2018-19 Executive Budget proposal

Joseph A. Griffo

January 17, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Jan. 16, 2018         

Contact: Alex Gerould – (315) 793-9072 or Email: gerould@nysenate.gov

“The presentation made by the Governor today signals the start of this year’s budget process. We as a Legislature are now tasked with the challenge of trying to come to an agreement on a budget that will be beneficial to all New Yorkers. However, there are questions over many of the proposals and concepts outlined today, and I remain troubled by the inclusion of policy in in the state budget. These are issues that should be vetted independently and transparently.

But now that the budget process has begun, we will examine every detail of and make counterproposals or changes to the Governor’s proposed spending plan to ensure that the state’s taxpayers are protected by a sound, responsible and balanced budget that aims to make New York more affordable. We also must closely scrutinize the Governor’s call to overhaul the state’s tax code. While I recognize the potential impact that federal action could have on New York, we must be careful about modifying or changing the state’s tax code without first carefully analyzing and hearing how the state’s residents and business owners could be impacted. Our goal should be to lower taxes, not find ways to continue burdening New Yorkers.

In the Senate, we have already taken steps to make our state more affordable, including delivering a $4.2 billion middle class income tax cut that is set to take effect  this year, proposing millions of dollars in new tax relief and ensuring that the state government remains fiscally responsible for the long term. It is imperative that we continue to work to get a handle on state spending while also being mindful of the hardworking taxpayers and small business owners throughout the state who have dealt with high taxes and have faced burdensome regulations for too long.”

You can get more information on the proposed spending plan by visiting https://www.nysenate.gov/newsroom/articles/get-facts-2018-nys-executive-budget-plan.