Statement From Senator Griffo Regarding Regents Re-Appointments

“The Board of Regents has failed our students, our parents and our teachers in its handling of the implementation of the Common Core curriculum. I said last week that I would stand with my constituents and not vote for any incumbent seeking election to the Board of Regents. Today, I made good on that promise.

“Unfortunately, a majority of members in the  New York State Assembly have voted to accept the status quo and keep those responsible for this disastrous roll out in power. This decision underscores why it’s important to permanently change the way Regents are selected. I have advocated for voters to pick Regents during school budget referendums. I want those most affected by these policy changes to have a say in who is deciding how our children should learn.

“I will continue to advocate for a curriculum that challenges students in the Mohawk Valley and north country and ensures they are ready for either college or a career. A quality education is a necessity for any good-paying job in this 21st century economy. However, this rollout of Common Core did not prepare students or teachers adequately before it tried to pair results with accountability. Quite simply, there weren’t enough opportunities for professional development and curriculum resources were too-often incomplete or otherwise unavailable.

“I will reiterate my desire to see the Board of Regents refrain from using Common Core results for teacher, principal and student evaluations for at least two years. I would also like the board to reduce the amount of testing our youngest children are subject to. And I want them to safeguard students’ privacy by giving parents an opportunity to decide which personally identifiable information can be shared with a third-party vendor.”