Statement from Senator Joseph A. Griffo Regarding Upcoming State of the State Address

Joseph A. Griffo

January 07, 2014

"I’m looking forward to hearing Gov. Cuomo’s roadmap for the year ahead. My specific focus is on jobs and tax relief. We’ve made some improvement in making New York more attractive for business, but we’ve still got a long way to go. I’m looking forward to hearing about any new initiatives, especially if they result in lower taxes or utility costs or reducing the regulatory burden.

"The second focus is the budget. We won’t get specifics until Jan. 21, but I’d like to hear his take on what our financial picture looks like – and what could be done with any potential surplus. Certainly, I’d like to see more money invested in our schools. I also think job training should be a priority. We’ve got a nanotech industry here in the Mohawk Valley that’s going to need a lot of skilled labor – and I’d like to see New Yorkers get the education they need to be eligible for those jobs.

"I also hope the governor dedicates a portion of his address to mandate relief. A lot of state leaders are talking the talk. Let’s start walking the walk. I’ve got a mandate relief bill that I think makes sense – and I’ve told the governor this. I’d like to see him take a step in that direction.

"Finally, I think he’s got to continue the talk of how we clean up Albany. There are some bad apples in state government. I don’t think we can completely prevent a bad person from doing bad things, but I’d like to hear the governor’s thoughts on what we can do to improve upon our ethical standards and preserve people’s trust in their government."