Addabbo Appointed to New Bi-Partisan Senate Select Committee on Libraries

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr

February 23, 2012

Queens, NY, (Date), 2012:  State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (D-Queens)
has been appointed to serve on a new, bipartisan Senate Select Committee on
Libraries to explore how New York can better support and provide assistance
to the more than 7,000 libraries that are located throughout every region
of the Empire State.

    “Here in the Borough of Queens, where we are served by a truly
top-notch local library system, the importance of libraries is clear and
cannot be overstated,” said Senator Addabbo.  “They are places to check out
books, do homework, surf the Internet, search for jobs, take advantage of
innovative programming serving many different interests and groups of
people, and much, much more. I am delighted to join this special committee
and work with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to provide New
York’s libraries with the support they need to prosper and continue their
vital role in our society.”

    Senator Addabbo noted that he is also a member of the Senate
Committee on Education, and that his appointment to the special panel on
libraries will complement his efforts to improve learning opportunities for
all New Yorkers.

    “Our libraries are truly democratic institutions – serving people of
all ages, backgrounds, and incomes – and they seek to provide everyone with
an equal opportunity to gain knowledge and more easily participate in a
society that is becoming more technology-driven every day,” said Senator
Addabbo.  “Libraries make unique contributions to our neighborhoods and to
our overall economy, and deserve special attention from the New York State

    The first meeting of the Senate Select Committee on Libraries will be
held in Albany on March 5th, and is expected to focus on public library
funding issues.