Addabbo attends virtual meeting with New York City Schools Chancellor on educational budget

This month, State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. and the rest of the state legislature met virtually with education advocates from throughout the state, including New York City Schools Chancellor David C. Banks, to discuss the educational portion of the Governor’s Executive Budget.

With a new Mayor in place in Eric Adams and the new Schools Chancellor, Addabbo is confident that City and State leadership will be able to work together to give New York students the best chance to succeed.

Last year, New York State was able to procure additional Foundation Aid funding in the sum of more than $1 billion for NYC, as well as funding through the American Rescue Plan Act. Addabbo looks to continue this funding into this year.

An additional revenue stream for New York’s schools will be coming now that mobile sports betting is legal in the state. Before COVID impacted all aspects of life, the gaming industry was responsible for bringing in more than $3 billion in funding for education each year. With the advent of mobile sports betting and New York breaking a national record with $1.6 billion for a month of betting wagers, that number is sure to increase and give schools even more funding.

“There are more funding streams going to New York’s educational department than ever before. All of this money will do wonders for students across the state,” Addabbo, a member of the Senate Education Committee, said. “However, it is not always how much money we have available, but it is more important how that money is spent. We have to ensure that the programs that have been working continue to receive funding, and look to reevaluate things that are not working to their best potential.”

During the virtual meeting with the new Schools Chancellor, Addabbo was able to ask Banks a question about investing more into trade schools that will give students the opportunity to learn a skill that can translate into work upon graduation.

“While traditional colleges and universities are the destination for many young students, there are plenty of them that want to go to school to learn a trade skill which can get them into some great paying jobs,” Addabbo said. “We have to invest in these schools as well, making them as attractive as possible to bring in prospective students.”

Another topic discussed in the meeting was the extension of Mayoral control. While Addabbo is in favor of extending Mayoral control, he wants to use this opportunity to examine it and improve it for the students.

School safety measures were also discussed at the meeting. Addabbo, and the rest of the state legislature, is dedicated to protecting students while they are in school.

“As a parent of two daughters in the public school system, I know the concerns parents have in sending their kids to school,” Addabbo explained. “When our children are in school, we expect them to be safe and return home at the end of the day. Nothing is more important than our children’s safety, and I will work with my colleagues in government to make sure that children are safe during the school day.”