Addabbo bill ensuring access to prenatal vitamins approved by Senate

The New York State Senate approved legislation (S.7506) sponsored by NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. to ensure women in the district and across New York State have access to quality prenatal vitamins without the financial burden often associated with such care.

“Today’s busy lifestyle makes nutrient-deficient diets extremely convenient, which presents great risk to soon-to-be mothers lacking access to consistent sources of necessary vitamins and minerals,” said Addabbo. “Expanding insurance coverage to include prenatal vitamins will increase access to supplements that lead to safer pregnancy and healthy births,” concluded Addabbo.

Prenatal vitamins can have several health benefits for both mother and child ranging from supplying more oxygen to the baby and preventing bone loss in the mother. According to the legislation, any policy which provides coverage for prescription drugs must also cover prenatal vitamins when prescribed or ordered by an authorized health care provider. Such coverage may be subject to appropriate annual deductibles and coinsurance consistent with those established for other benefits within a given policy.

“With women’s health at the forefront of national news, this would have been another important step towards ensuring comprehensive care for every pregnant woman regardless of their ability to afford such services,” Addabbo said. “While the bill failed to advance in the Assembly during this year’s session, I will continue to advocate for this bill and make it a personal priority for me, along with other women’s issues,” added Addabbo.