Addabbo comments on potential beach closures

“If the reports about NYC Parks and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers planning to close beaches from Beach 90th to Beach 116th Streets are true, I stand opposed to any closures without knowing why they are looking to close that much access to our beaches. We need to know why they would be deemed necessary, and work to limit the number of beaches effected by the closures. While the planned closures are only scheduled to happen on weekdays and is expected to last through July, the Rockaway Peninsula depends on these beaches being opened during the summer season. The potential for any closures must be weighed against the economic impact they would have on the local shops and restaurants, in addition to the negative affect on those who visit our beaches. For many, the Rockaway beaches are their only means of summer enjoyment and I don't believe we should limit that. I will continue to investigate the validity of these claims and work to ensure that whatever happens, I will work towards keeping our beaches open and that the community is informed.”