Addabbo Honors School Safety Agents

Howard Beach, NY (April 28, 2016) Earlier this week, Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. was proud to serve as the keynote speaker in a ceremony to honor members of the NYPD’s School Safety Division for their dedication to keeping schools around the borough safe.

At an awards ceremony held Tuesday at Francis Lewis High School, dozens of school safety agents from the Queens North division were honored by the police department for their service and commitment to protecting public schools around Queens. During that ceremony, Addabbo was pleased to present official New York State Senate citations to a group of school safety officers to honor their excellence and achievements on the job.

Before presenting his awards, Addabbo addressed the crowd of officers by thanking them for their service and ensuring they understand their significance to not only the NYPD, but to New Yorkers everywhere.

“As the parent of two young daughters who both attend public schools, I understand first-hand just how important the job of a school safety agent really is and what their dedication to their jobs means to millions of families across the city,” said Addabbo. “Because of the bold men and women who serve as school safety agents, parents like myself can send our children to school every day knowing they are in good hands and will be protected from harm. These officers are a pivotal part of the NYPD, the public school system and of families who depend on them each and every day, and I can never thank them enough for their service. I am honored to have been a part of this year’s Queens North Award Ceremony and look forward to seeing even more school safety agents at next year’s event.”