Addabbo Named to Education Budget Conference Committee

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr

March 22, 2011

Committee to Publicly Address Governor, Assembly and Senate Budget Proposals

Queens, NY, March 22, 2011 -- In Albany, part of the process in negotiating the state budget is the
public discussion of the proposed funding cuts and other ideas to avoid such cuts. These Conference
Committees, comprised of both appointed Senate and Assembly members, are divided into subject matters
and meet regularly in the attempt to agree upon an on-time state budget, which is due by April 1.
Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr., (D-Queens) a member of the Senate Education Committee, was named as
the Alternate to the Education Conference Committee.  He, along with Chairman Senator John Flanagan
(R-Smithtown) and Ranker Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Port Chester), will work with their Assembly
counterparts led by Assembly Member Catherine Nolan (D-Queens) to resolve any differences in budget
issues pertaining to education. “The monies allocated for education are some of the most important
funds in the entire state budget. I look forward to minimizing the planned cuts in order to protect
the educational environment and opportunities for our children,” Addabbo stated.

Among the items the Governor, Senate and Assembly currently agree upon are funding for preschool
special education, school safety, SUNY Center for Autism, libraries and health education programs.
Over the remaining days in March, all parties will discuss their differing views on other educational
issues such as Universal Pre-kindergarten, funding for Blind and Deaf 4201 schools, and non-public
school aid. The Governor proposes a $1.5 billion reduction in state education funding, including a
$518 million cut to New York City schools. The Senate and Assembly seek to restore some of the
proposed cuts.  Addabbo expressed, “I am hopeful we can focus on addressing the need to decrease
the amount of wasteful spending in the budget so that the quality of education is not diminished.”