Addabbo Sponsors Legislation to Strip State Funding From Companies That Outsource New York Jobs

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr

February 27, 2012

Queens, NY,  February 24, 2012 -- Charging that “companies shouldn’t be rewarded with our tax dollars when they move New York jobs out of New York,” NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (D-Queens) announced that he is introducing legislation (S.1244) that would prevent businesses from reaping state tax breaks and other economic benefits when they outsource employment opportunities to other states and countries. 

The legislation, which is now under consideration by the Senate Labor Committee, of which Addabbo is a member, addresses the many ramifications of providing state resources to businesses that ultimately rob New Yorkers of jobs by employing people outside of the state.  

“We are all cheated when we allow companies to reach into our pockets and spend our tax dollars on jobs that aren’t available to workers here in New York State,” said Addabbo.  “Job outsourcing negatively affects our state and local economies, hurts local residents in need of jobs, and leads to a higher burden on our human services and unemployment systems. Unfortunately, we can’t always stop companies from making hurtful outsourcing decisions, but we can make sure that we don’t add insult to injury by letting them siphon off scarce state tax resources to move forward with their wrong-headed plans."   

Under the bill, business entities that will outsource jobs, following a determination of this intent by the New York State Labor Commissioner, will not be able to receive state economic incentives, including tax breaks, loans, awards and grants.  Businesses will be informed of these determinations, and will have 30 days to request a State Labor Department hearing to present and argue their case.   

“The unemployment picture may be slowly getting brighter, but we have a long way to go to reduce the jobless rate in New York State and put our residents back to work,” said Addabbo.  “We want to encourage companies to create good jobs here – not to take our money and run to another country where they can pay workers less and add to New York’s unemployment crisis.”  

Addabbo is currently planning two Job Fairs. The first, tentatively scheduled for June 8 at Atlas Park, would have job opportunities for solely for veterans. The second, planned for October 19 at Resorts World Aqueduct Racetrack, is open to the full public. For further details on these events, call Addabbo’s district offices at 718-738-1111 or 718-497-1630. 

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