Addabbo Statement on Passage of Amendment Authorizing Full Gaming in New York State

Queens, NY, November 8, 2013  -- NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr., who is the ranking Democrat on the Senate’s Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee, released the following post-Election Day statement:

Now that the most important part of changing the state’s constitution, the voice of the people, has been completed, we must proceed with caution as our state ventures down the unpaved road of full gaming. Many developers are already interested in major gaming projects around the state, but for both short and long term purposes, I believe the best interests of our people and their communities should always be the focal point. 

While we have the potential of creating thousands of quality jobs, witnessing billions  of dollars in revenue for our city and state, and increasing greatly the funding for our schools, we must also identify and address the constant dangers of gaming.

Locally, I had hoped for a more immediate benefit for Resorts World when Proposal One was approved by the voters. Our community will now have to wait seven years to possibly realize 1,000 additional jobs, increased revenue and a capitalization of the maximum potential at Resorts World if it is to become an eventual full casino.

In the meantime, our community will continue to benefit from having, still, the only gaming site in New York City.