Addabbo Supports Legislation to Create "Senior Citizens Day"

                      Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.
           Supports Legislation to Create “Senior Citizens Day”
Albany, New York - State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (D-Queens) today announced that he has voted to enact legislation which would designate the first Tuesday in May each year as “Senior Citizens Day” in New York State.
“I supported this legislation to establish this special day of recognition because I believe that it is fitting that we designate a particular day to recognize and honor our senior citizens”, stated Senator Addabbo.
The legislation, which passed the Senate on February 25th, seeks to ensure that this designation  will serve as a means for New York State to honor seniors as the backbone of our communities and our most respected citizens.
 “Many cultures throughout the world hold their aging citizens in high
regard and make special recognitions and celebrations a priority.   By
establishing a Senior Citizens Day in New York State we join these cultures in honoring the people who have blazed the path and have very often endured sacrifices that make life easier and filled with greater opportunities for generations that follow”,  Senator Addabbo explained.   “I am pleased that we will now have this opportunity”.