Addabbo votes on package of law enforcement bills to improve community relations and protect good officers

This month, State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. joined his colleagues in state government by voting to approve a package of bills that looks to improve community relations with the NYPD, properly discipline unscrupulous law enforcement agents, while protecting those who do their policing correctly.

With tensions rising in the country, and protests taking place across the state, New York is taking action to improve police/community relations and transparency by approving a list of bills that addresses issues such as false 911 complaints, banning the chokehold, creating a law enforcement misconduct investigative office, increasing the amount of information the chief administrator of the courts must compile on misdemeanor offenses and violations, repealing Section 50a of the Civil Rights Law, while codifying protection of an officer’s personal information, recording of a police incident, the right for medical attention, additional reporting for the discharge of a law enforcement weapon and body cameras for State Police.

“After much negotiating, research and discussion, I decided to vote in favor of this legislative package because it increases transparency amongst governmental agencies, improves public safety relations with the community, reveals the disciplinary records of law enforcement agents who are properly investigated for misconduct, while still protecting personal information of officers,” Addabbo said. “This will help appropriately safeguard the records of the majority of law enforcement officers who do a credible job, in addition to identifying those officers who do not adhere to regulations. Whenever we can accurately inform the public and protect good public servants, everyone benefits.”

The Senator added, “The tragedy that occurred in Minnesota, involving the unnecessary death of George Floyd, has highlighted the consideration for ways to improve policing in our city and state. It is my religious belief, family upbringing and experiences as an elected official that has instilled in me the understanding that all lives are important and that my role as a public servant is to serve and improve the lives of all those living within this state.”

“I have always respected those individuals who choose a path of civil service by validly putting their lives on the line for the safety of others. When the police and the community work together, it produces positive results that can create true public trust and safety. I’ve seen it done across my district time and time again through full and honest communication between the police department, community groups and residents,” Addabbo concluded. “However, just because situations are good in some precincts, does not mean they can’t be better citywide and statewide. I believe this package of bills will further improve the relationship people have with law enforcement across the state and increase the confidence individuals should have in those who serve to protect us.”