Bill co-sponsored by Addabbo to help recent or newly disabled veterans obtain additional credits on civil service exams passes New York State Senate

NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. recently joined his Senate colleagues in approving legislation (S.2387) he co-sponsors which is designed to help New York’s veterans compete for civil service jobs and reduce unemployment among former members of the armed forces.

Specifically, Addabbo explained, the measure would enable veteran civil service credits and disabled veteran service credits to be applied to existing civil service eligible lists at any time prior to a list’s expiration date.  The legislation would help New Yorkers who – after taking a civil service test and being added to an eligible list for job openings – later become veterans or become disabled as a result of their military service, by allowing them to claim relevant military service credits.

“There are sometimes circumstances where an individual has taken a civil service exam, been added to an eligible list to be considered for a specific job title, and then either enters military service for the first time or is a veteran who becomes service-disabled after completing the test,” said Addabbo.  “New York State already grants certain civil service test preferences to qualified former servicemen and women, including disabled veterans, by allowing them to add points to their exam scores. This bill would simply allow those credits to be applied at any time to an existing eligible list so that veterans who serve their country after taking civil service exams can get the recognition and helping hand they deserve after serving their country so bravely and so well.”

Under the State Constitution, qualified veterans may receive an additional 2 ½ points on civil service exams, and disabled veterans may receive 10 points.

Addabbo, who serves as the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs, noted that unemployment among veterans has been decreasing in recent years, but that more efforts to help servicemen and women compete in the job market are welcome.

“I have held job fairs for veterans and their families in my district, so I know first-hand that there are many talented, qualified former service members out there looking for work,” said Addabbo.  “I am hopeful we will continue to make progress this session in providing additional employment and business opportunities for our veterans.”

The civil service credit bill, which has now gone to the State Assembly for consideration, would ultimately be presented to voters as a Constitutional Amendment if approved twice by two separately elected State Legislatures.