Senate and Assembly approve Breezy Point work permit extension bill

Bills sponsored by Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr., and Assemblymember Stacey Pheffer-Amato that would allow residents of Breezy Point to continue rebuilding their homes following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy without additional delays brought about by the city application and review process passed both houses.

“It’s hard to believe that in 2021 we are passing another extension so that Breezy Point homeowners are guaranteed another two years to rebuild with relief from red tape,” Addabbo said. “I will continue working with Breezy Point neighborhoods until they are able to rebuild and return to living in structurally sound homes. The need to introduce and pass an extender bill shows the magnitude of the devastation Sandy brought to our constituents in Breezy Point.”

Nearly nine years after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, Breezy Point constituents are still trying to rebuild their lives and their homes in the community they love. While the storm wreaked havoc throughout my Senate district and elsewhere, this neighborhood was devastated beyond imagination.

“Our community was uprooted by Hurricane Sandy, and we are still feeling those effects and working to rebuild nine years later,” Pheffer Amato said. “I am thankful to Senator Addabbo and the residents of Breezy Point for their advocacy to help make government work for their community. We will not stop until all our residents can fully come home again.”

“With the passage of this legislation, we are helping the people of Breezy Point continue to move forward and succeed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, while sparing them additional frustration and expense in dealing with bureaucratic red tape,” said Addabbo.