Senate approves legislation establishing K9 Veterans Day on March 13th

The NYS Senate passed legislation co-sponsored by Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. designating March 13th as a day of commemoration to be known as “K9 Veterans Day.”

“Many outside of the military may not be familiar with K9 Veterans,” said Addabbo, a member of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee. “This annual day of commemoration will not only appropriately honor their service and legacy but they will also raise awareness of their importance historically and presently. It is always appropriate to honor and recognize our Veterans, including K9’s, for their selfless service and sacrifice,” Addabbo added.

The bill, S.5720, designates March 13th “K9 Veterans Day.” Thousands of dogs have served with honor, dignity, and valor throughout our country’s history. These dogs have served at many jobs in all of our wars, having been employed by the United States Military from World War I to present conflicts.  To this day, dogs continue to serve on our borders and abroad every day, on both land and sea. Many residents actively participate in and engage in K9 training and operational activities to assist the United States Military.

Customs Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Border Patrol Dogs, Police Dogs, Secret Service Dogs, and many more will be included with the Military Working Dogs in this recognition as they help protect and serve our country. K9 dogs have made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives for their partners. It is only appropriate that we honor and recognize their contributions by designating March 13 of each year as "K9 Veterans Day."

After passing the Senate, this bill was referred to the Assembly Governmental Operations Committee for consideration.