Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. Statement on Grover Cleveland Remaining Open and Closures of John Adams & Richmond Hill

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr

April 30, 2012

Queens, NY, April 30, 2012 -- I truly believe that every individual associated with Grover Cleveland High School earned the right to have it remain open and be removed from the list of schools going through the “turnaround” process. All along I have stated that the Restart program that has been working there should be allowed to progress as promised, and that the school and its students should be the recipients of future educational resources. As I stated at the public hearing held at Grover Cleveland, as an elected official in the area, I look forward to working with all those who are interested in promoting the bright future of that high school.


Both John Adams and Richmond Hill High Schools have very long histories in their respective neighborhoods and I believe valid, credible arguments were made to have them removed from the “turnaround” list. In my statements made at the John Adams High School public hearing, I emphasized that it had improved its performance under the Restart program and should be permitted to continue its course. Perhaps there is still hope that both can at least retain their names and keep their respective faculties.


My paramount concern is to provide our students with a sound education upon which they can build their dreams of higher education and occupations. Now that the DOE panel has made its decision, I think we should reflect that all people who were involved in this decision, and in the "transformation" and "turnaround" processes of school evaluations, should remain open to ways to listen to, and to use, community input and feedback. I will continue to work toward a better educational environment for the affected administration, faculty and students of the two new high schools that will open within those buildings in September. During the coming months, I'll be working on getting answers for all those concerned with the "turnaround" process and what it means to the students, staff, administration and community.


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