Statement by Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. on State Legislation to Prohibit Fees on Disposable Bags

“In light of the recent New York City Council vote to impose a five cent fee on disposable plastic bags in grocery and other stores, I support proposed Senate legislation (S.7336) that would prohibit these kinds of fees on merchandise bags statewide. I definitely believe that we need to find a reasonable way to reduce the use of plastic bags – which we often find hanging in trees, clogging our street drains and otherwise harming our environment.

“However, raising fees on families and individuals who take home their goods in store-supplied plastic bags and containers and simultaneously burdening local businesses isn’t the way to go about it. With some effort, government can find a way to protect our environment from plastic bags without unnecessarily increasing costs for people on household budgets. We don’t need a bag tax.”