Advocates Rally at State Capitol As NY Senate Holds Hearing on End Predatory Court Fees Act 

Momentum Rapidly Accelerating in NY & Nationwide to Eliminate Court Fees

October 13, 2021
Tim Hunter,, 929-327-1404
Jag Davies,, 786-393-8100 
Katie Schaffer,, 646-265-2044
Ahead of a joint Senate Codes and Corrections Committee hearing today on the End Predatory Court Fees Act, directly impacted advocates, state lawmakers, and other key stakeholders held a rally at the State Capitol calling for the passage of this critical legislation. The End Predatory Court Fees Act would eliminate New York’s court, parole and probation fees, mandatory minimum fines, incarceration on the basis of unpaid fines and fees, and garnishment of commissary accounts.
At the rally, legislators and advocates demanded an end to the state’s dangerous reliance on court fees, a regressive revenue source that traps millions of low-income residents in a vicious cycle of debt and punishment. 

Photos from October 14th Press Conference