Our state’s high cost of living is forcing New Yorkers to leave at an alarming rate.  Out of all fifty states, when you combine property taxes, individual income taxes and sales and excise taxes, New York has the highest tax burden.  That is why my colleagues and I are taking action to make our state more affordable by delivering $4.2 billion in middle class income tax cuts this year, proposing hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax relief, and ensuring long-term fiscal responsibility in government.

Our Affordability Agenda focuses on broad-based tax relief for families and seniors, including:

  • Lower income taxes;
  • Lower property taxes;
  • Lower energy taxes;
  • Lower taxes on retirement; and
  • Reforms to control spending and prevent tax increases


For more information on our Affordability Agenda, click here.

The Affordability Agenda is the first part of our three-pronged “Blueprint for a Stronger New York” approach that focuses on making the state less costly and more attractive for hardworking New Yorkers.  I believe this approach will ultimately help lower taxes and create better opportunities for all New Yorkers.

To see the full “Blueprint for a Stronger New York,” click here.

I will be sure to keep you posted on my continued efforts.