Democrats Approve Robo-Calls Instead of Working on State Budget

Kenneth P. LaValle

April 06, 2010

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle was upset to learn that Senate Democrats placed politically charged robo-calls throughout the First Senate District addressing property taxes.  “The height of hypocrisy is that their robo-call talked about real property tax relief when, in fact, every Senate Democrat voted to eliminate the STAR rebate checks last year,” said Senator LaValle.  “That meant a loss of more than $368 million in property tax relief for Long Island homeowners.”

“The Democrats are clearly focused on playing politics and not passing an on-time budget,” continued Senator LaValle.  “Not only has a late budget disrupted road and highway projects across the state, it has forced school aid payments to be delayed.  The Senate Democrats must stop focusing on politics and start working on getting their job done.  We should immediately begin negotiations on a budget that cuts spending, does not increase taxes, provides property tax relief, and helps businesses create jobs.”