LaValle: Bill Enabling Discharge of Fire Commissioners For Unexcused Absences Passes Senate.

Kenneth P. LaValle

June 16, 2011

New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle (R, C, I-Port Jefferson) said today that his bill (S3101) enabling fire district commissioners who have excessive unexcused absences to be removed from office has passed the New York State Senate. The bill was passed on June 14.

“Fire commissioners make most of the key decisions affecting fire and emergency medical service throughout New York State and sit on boards that have the authority to raise taxes and approve budgets to cover expenses including insurance,  payroll, pensions and the purchase of trucks, and other equipment,” LaValle said.

Commission members, LaValle explained, set policy for fire districts, hire staff who maintain firehouses and dispatch calls.

“This legislation simply provides a procedure for removal of any fire district commissioner who has excessive unexcused absences, and thereby has not fulfilled his or her duties to the public they serve. Commissioners  have an obligation to the district , citizens of the district and the dedicated volunteers who serve their communities,” ” LaValle concluded.

The bill has been sent to the Assembly.