LaValle Bill provides Incentives for Boater Safety

Kenneth P. LaValle

August 08, 2012

Boaters who take a safety course would be entitled to insurance breaks under legislation New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle (R,C,I- Port Jefferson) said he is drafting after hearing testimony at a New York State Senate Public Hearing on Boating Safety in New York Waters held today.

The hearing followed on the tragic July 4 capsizing of a cabin cruiser in Oyster Bay Harbor that killed three young children who were trapped in the boat’s cabin.

Senator LaValle said that under his proposed legislation, boaters who take a basic safety course would be entitled to a 10 percent discount on their insurance, while those who take a more advanced course would get a 15 percent insurance reduction.

“Boaters depend on the rules of the road, common sense and courtesy,” Senator LaValle said.

We can’t teach common sense, but can teach boaters the rules they need to know to operate their vessels safely.”

Senator LaValle also said the stepped-up enforcement is also needed in areas where boats congregate and raft-up.

LaValle said his bill will be introduced within the next week