LaValle Legislation Banning Sale of Papers, Dissertations Via Electronic Means Passes Senate

Kenneth P. LaValle

March 03, 2014

Senator Ken LaValle’s legislation banning the sale of electronic papers, term papers and dissertations passed the State Senate today.

The LaValle bill extends the prohibition against the sale or purchase of term papers provided for sale or purchase through electronic media such as the Internet.  Current New York State law bans the sale or purchase of dissertations and term papers but does not specifically indicate that papers obtained over the Internet or other electronic media would also be covered under the ban.  Senator LaValle’s legislation removes this ambiguity and would assure that students or others providing such unlawful assistance would eligible for prosecution.

Students would still be able to access research information through this media but sale or purchase of a term paper, theses, or dissertation would constitute a violation punishable, as in current law, by a fine of up to $1,000.  The Senate transferred the bill (S2405) to the Assembly for consideration.