Local Resident Honored by Senator Lavalle

Kenneth P. LaValle

June 11, 2009

2009 New York State Senate Woman of Distinction Named

             Senator Kenneth P. LaValle honored Susan Barry Roden of Water Mill as the 2009 New York State First Senate District “Woman of Distinction.”  Ms. Barry Roden received the award on June 10 at a reception in Albany along with women from across the state whose lives, work, or special accomplishments have brought a sense of pride to their communities.

             “It gives me great pleasure to honor Susan Barry Roden as this year’s Woman of Distinction,” said Senator LaValle.  “Her name now joins that of other women whose accomplishments, sacrifices, and good deeds are deserving of special recognition.”

             Senator LaValle noted that the Senate’s “Women of Distinction” program was created in 1998 to honor New York women who exemplify personal excellence or whose professional achievements or acts of courage, selflessness, integrity or perseverance serve as an example to all New Yorkers.  Women from the worlds of business, academics, and civic life, as well as those who have performed heroic or selfless acts, made significant discoveries, or provided examples of personal excellence against difficult odds have been honored at the annual event.

             Susan Barry Roden received this honor in recognition of her support of women fighting breast cancer.  A two-time breast cancer survivor and still fighting the fight, Ms. Barry Roden lives by the credo that “no one should ever travel this journey alone.”  In 1994, she founded the South Fork Breast Health Coalition and, since that time, has offered 24/7 support and encouragement to women struggling with “beast within” – breast cancer.  She also serves as Breast Health Community Outreach Coordinator at Southampton Hospital’s Ellen Hermanson Breast Center where she has been referred to as an “angel in our midst…who has turned her own battle into the most valuable patient education, advocacy, and support group.”

             Susan Barry Roden is an inspiration for breast cancer survivors and an admired and respected member of her community.  She is committed to finding answer to the high rate of breast cancer in Suffolk County and will not stop in her mission is to eradicate breast cancer from the lives of all women.  In 2008, she and four other women founded Lucia’s Angels in memory of their dear friend who lost her battle to breast cancer.  The foundation provides help and financial support for women with late stage cancers, including ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancers.      

                “I received several nominations for the ‘Women of Distinction’ program and each were worthy of distinction in their own right," said Senator LaValle.  “Susan Barry Roden has been a tireless advocate and exemplifies the strength of character and qualities attributed to the entire group.”