Mattituck Park District Measure Passes Both Houses

Kenneth P. LaValle

July 27, 2009

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle today announced that the Senate has passed legislation he sponsored to update a statute that restricted who may vote and serve in the Mattituck Park District.  The bill, which has passed both houses, would allow more than one woman to serve as commissioner and permits all residents to vote on matters of concern to the district.

            According to Senator LaValle, this measure amends a statute enacted in 1941 that allowed only one woman to serve on the three person board of commissioners and restricted voting privileges to resident taxpayers.  If enacted, this measure would create a fair and open voting process for the Mattituck Park District.

            “The voting laws for the Mattituck Park District need to be brought into the 21st century,” said Senator LaValle.  “This change in statute will give all residents the opportunity to serve and vote on issues of concern to the park district community.”