New Month - New Taxes:

Kenneth P. LaValle

May 22, 2009

Budget Tax Hikes Affect Consumers & Businesses


            Senator Kenneth P. LaValle today announced that starting June 1, New Yorkers will pay more for purchases made over the Internet and auto insurance as a result of tax increases passed by Democrats in the Senate and Assembly.  In addition, June 1tax hikes will hit companies that transport employees in and out of New York and double a state fee on their auto insurance policies.


            “Every month brings a new round of tax and fee hikes that Democrats in the Senate and Assembly forced on New Yorkers in the state budget,” Senator LaValle said.  “This month it was higher taxes for wine and beer, next month it will cost New Yorkers more for internet purchases and car insurance.  The biggest hit will come this fall when homeowners don’t get their STAR rebate checks to help pay their property taxes because the Democrats took them away.”


            Senator  LaValle voted against the state budget and proposed an alternative plan that would have avoided the $8.5 million in new taxes and fee increases.  He also proposed budget amendments to eliminate the tax hikes and restore the STAR rebate checks, which were opposed by Senate Democrats.


            “The Democrats’ tax hikes are costing New Yorkers more and more every month and when they are all in place, they will increase the annual taxes paid by an average family of four by $2,400 a year,” Senator LaValle said.  “We have to control spending and reduce taxes if we are going to help struggling families make ends meet and help businesses retain and create jobs.  Every tax hike makes New York less competitive and puts us further behind other states when the recovery begins.”