Senate Passes Measure in Support of Local Wineries

Kenneth P. LaValle

June 22, 2010

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle today announced that he supported legislation that would allow wineries and farm wineries to sell wine for consumption at food festivals.

The measure passed in the Senate would allow wineries to obtain a temporary permit from the New York State Liquor Authority to sell glasses of wine, ten ounces or less, for consumption at food festivals.  The winery would have to be registered at a specific festival and would have to receive permission from the municipality in which the event is held. 

“It makes sense that our local wineries be given the opportunity to highlight their wines at festivals where food is widely available, just as restaurants are permitted to serve up their specialties at these events,” said Senator LaValle.  “The measure will not only allow our wineries to promote their products, but it will provide a great tourism venue for local towns, villages, and cities throughout the state.”