Senate Republicans Create Medicaid Fraud Task Force

Kenneth P. LaValle

February 03, 2010

“Rampant abuse of the Medicaid system continues to drive up spending and taxes at the local and state levels and is costing New York taxpayers in the billions of dollars,” said Senator Kenneth P. LaValle.  In an effort to strengthen the state’s efforts to fight Medicaid fraud, Senator LaValle and his Senate Republican colleagues have announced the creation of a Task Force on Medicaid Fraud to help wipe out waste and abuse.  

            The Executive Budget sets a target of $1.1 billion for Medicaid fraud recovery.  This is an increase of $300 million.  However, other states are collecting 2 to 3 times what New York recoups in Medicaid fraud dollars.  The Senate Republicans believe New York can recover much more than an additional $300 million.

            According to Senator LaValle, the Task Force will hold hearings in Albany and Nassau County and work closely with county leaders and district attorneys who are on the front lines of fighting fraud.  Recommendations for implementing effective and efficient ways to deliver Medicaid services to seniors and those in need will be issued prior to the April 1 budget deadline. 

            “While it is important to protect much-needed services, it is equally important to ensure that taxpayers are not footing the bill for those who would cheat the system,” concluded Senator LaValle.