Senator Ken LaValle: State-of-State is Good News for Long Island Taxpayers

Tax cuts for Families and Businesses; State Spending Cap; More new jobs

Albany, January 8, 2014 -Senator Ken LaValle stated that the 2014 legislative session will be focused on delivering tax relief to hard-working taxpayers and businesses. “My New Year’s resolution to the residents of my senate district was to continue efforts to reduce property taxes; lower tax rates for families/individuals; expand the “circuit breaker” law I created; institute a property tax freeze, and streamline government and pass along savings.” the Senator continued, “After meeting with Governor Cuomo yesterday, I am confident that we will be able to deliver much needed relief for our taxpayers.”

“In today’s State-of-the-State, Governor Cuomo shared my legislative priorities.  By keeping state spending low, we have been able to generate savings that can be passed directly to families and businesses.  By cutting personal and corporate tax rates, we will enable people to keep more of their hard-earned money, and create new jobs.”

“Additionally, as the creator of the first circuit breaker law, I am pleased that the Governor is supporting this program.  By increasing the ceiling of the circuit breaker, additional Long Island families would benefit by having their taxes limited.”

“We should make Long Island more affordable by making the property tax cap and middle-class tax cuts that we passed and make them permanent. A permanent State spending cap should also be adopted.  Savings from the state cap should be targeted for ongoing tax relief for working families.” said the Senator.

“I will also be working this session to increase the state aid to our local school districts. I am confident our families and businesses will be in a better place after this session.” Senator LaValle concluded.