Senator Lavalle Announces Local Job Creation Projects to Receive State Funding

Kenneth P. LaValle

December 19, 2012

 New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle today announced that job creation projects in the First Senate District will receive critically important state funds through the second round of Regional Economic Development Council awards.

“These projects will strengthen our economy and help create and retain jobs,” Senator LaValle said. 

The following job creation projects in the First Senate District will receive funding from the second round of the Regional Economic Development Council program:


Project Name



Town of East Hampton

Accabonac Harbor Storm Water Remediation

The Town of East Hampton will acquire materials to implement storm water abatement projects in Accabonac Harbor, a waterbody on the New York State 303(d) impaired waterbodies list. The project will allow the Town to comply with the NYS DEC MS4 program.


East End Arts

Building Bridges: Long Island

East End Arts will launch 'Bridges LI', a project whose goals are capacity building of management, program and entrepreneurial efforts of arts organizations and artists on the East End of Long Island, promoting cultural entrepreneurship in regional economic development, and creating an effective arts services delivery network. Activities will include assisting four anchor organizations, publishing a Community Resource Map, professional development for artists, and advocacy for bringing the cultural community into regional and local economic planning.


Village of Sag Harbor

Construction of Havens Beach Storm Water Improvements

The Village of Sag Harbor will retrofit storm water drainage infrastructure that currently delivers untreated storm water runoff directly offshore of Havens Beach – a Village beach open to the general public – through a drainage ditch that bisects the beach and results in frequent beach closures after heavy rain.


Town of Riverhead

Downtown Riverhead Artist Housing

The Town of Riverhead will renovate eight buildings in downtown Riverhead. The award will be used for interior and exterior renovations of up to 45 residential units and six commercial units.


Village of Greenport

Eastern Greenport Sewer Extension Feasibility Study

The Village of Greenport will prepare an engineering report to explore the extension of sewer service in Eastern Greenport.


Village of Greenport

Economic Development Assessment

  1. The project will include the analysis of the effect of the Greenport Tall Ships Festival and other similar potential events that could be undertaken to help businesses and residents preserve the Village’s maritime culture and improve its overall economic well being.


HF Corwin and Son Inc

Hatchery and Farm Electrical Distribution

HF Corwin and Son, the only remaining duck farm on Long Island, will construct a state-of the art duck hatchery in order to  comply with new Food and Drug Administration regulations.


Inlet Seafood Inc

Improving Commercial Waterfront Infrastructure Montauk Inlet Seafood

Infrastructure improvements to wholesale fish processing and packing facility will support the commercial fishing industry in Montauk.


Atlantic Industrial Technologies, Inc.

ISO 9000 Implementation Training

Atlantic Industrial Technologies, Inc. of Shirley in Suffolk County will train 40 workers in ISO9001 quality management systems standards Implementation and Support.


Oldcastle APG, Inc.

Lean Manufacturing and Operations Training

Oldcastle APG, Inc. of Middle Island in Suffolk County will train 23 workers in lean manufacturing, concrete manufacturing quality and production standards, welding and efficiency.


Shinnecock Pools, Inc.

Lean Manufacturing Training

Shinnecock Pools, Inc. of Southampton in Suffolk County will train 10 workers in lean manufacturing, including lean overview, lean service, lean office and lean strategy.


ATK Test Research Facility Ronkonkoma New York

MAGLEV2000 System Construction Project

Alliant Techsystems Operations, LLC will manufacture and test a MAGLEV prototype for use on existing rail tracks.  Alliant Techsystems Operations will invest $18.9 million and create 10 jobs.


Village of Greenport

Mitchell Park Bulkhead Feasibility Study

The Village of Greenport will prepare a feasibility study to determine the best options for replacing the deteriorated bulkhead at the Village’s Mitchell Park and Marina.  This study will be used to support the development of plans and specifications for bidding, projected costs, required permits, and a consideration of potential funding and financing options for construction.


NYC Department of Transportation

NYC Porous Pavement Prototype Testing and Evaluation

NYC DOT will work with agency partners to design, construct, and monitor five permeable pavement technologies in the Flushing Bay priority watershed in Queens. This project will provide valuable performance data to identify the pervious pavement type that is most effective in reducing stormwater runoff volume and velocity, the most cost-effective to implement on a larger scale within NYC’s street reconstruction budget, and the most operationally effective.


Village of Port Jefferson

Port Jefferson Pedestrian Trail Enhancements and Waterfront Parking Reconfiguration

The Village of Port Jefferson will improve two pedestrian walkways connecting Port Jefferson’s downtown commercial district on West Broadway, the upper historic district on East Main Street and West Broadway across from the nearby Harbor complex, and restore the Baker Alley easement on East Main Street.


Rolling Frito-Lay Sales, LP

Route Sales and Customer Service Training

Rolling Frito-Lay Sales, LP of 7 of the state's regions will train 500 workers in route sales, customer service, software/hardware, and distribution process.


Satur Farms LLC

Satur Farms Expansion

Satur Farms will acquire machinery and equipment for expansion of its vegetable processing and packing line.


Town of Southold

Southold Watershed and Sewershed Mapping

The Town of Southold will implement the final phase of a multi-component storm water infrastructure identification and mapping project that will include the mapping and modeling of all watersheds and subwatersheds within the Town.  Sewersheds would also be mapped to determine contributions and conveyances to the MS4 system in an effort to enable the Town to develop watershed management plans for each watershed in the future.


East End Tourism Alliance

Thematic Tourism Project

East End Tourism Alliance generates increased awareness and demand for thematic tourism opportunities that emphasize locally grown farm, vineyard, and sustainable seafood along with other East End attractions.


Thomas Moran Trust Inc

Thomas Moran Studio House Restoration

The Thomas Moran Trust Inc. will stabilize The Studio. Built in 1884 and one of the country's earliest National Historic Landmarks, The Studio comprises the artist’s studio, residential quarters, gardens and outbuildings.  The larger project will result in a complete restoration of the site for reuse as an historic house and museum.  The project will include stabilization of the foundation, and all floor, wall, and roof framing will be strengthened throughout.


Montauk East LP

Transformative Commercial Fisheries Infrastructure Project Montauk East LP

Montauk East will undertake infrastructure improvements to its wholesale fish processing and packing facility to support the commercial fishing industry in Montauk.


Village of Greenport

Village of Greenport Water Quality Improvements

The Village of Greenport will implement the Fifth Street Park Project and Manor Place Project. These projects will transform the ends of existing roadways to incorporate bioretention areas and porous pavement to treat roadway runoff. These projects will demonstrate green stormwater practices that improve and protect water quality.


Village of Greenport

Western Greenport Sewer Extension Engineering Study

The Village of Greenport will prepare an engineering report to determine the feasibility of extending sewer service in Western Greenport to areas west of 6th Street and south of Main Road.


CV Village at Coram LLC

Wincoram Commons

CV Village at Coram LLC will undertake a mixed-use project involving rental housing and retail, transitioning a 17-acre vacant and blighted property in the Coram Hamlet Center West into a smart-growth, pedestrian-oriented, vibrant community.



 I have been proud to work with people from every part of our area including leaders in business, education, local governments, economic development and planning and others, to develop a list of job creation projects that achieve our goals of creating jobs and building a strong foundation for future growth,” Senator LaValle said.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said, "For the second year in a row, the Regional Councils have been on the forefront of rebuilding New York State's economy. For too many years, top-down economic development policies have failed communities across the state and not truly invested in the unique resources and strengths of each of New York's regions. Now a new, bottom-up approach is in place that brings local communities together to chart their own economic destiny. The second round of Regional Economic Development Council awards will deliver funding for critical projects and investments in communities across our state, helping put New Yorkers back to work and rebuilding our economy."

Statewide, a total of $738 million was awarded for 725 economic development projects in every region of New York State.