Senator Lavalle Calls for Budget to Reduce Spending and Taxes

Kenneth P. LaValle

March 09, 2010

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle is calling for an on-time budget that cuts spending, reduces taxes, provides real property tax relief and creates jobs.  The 2009-10 budget, which was negotiated in total secrecy, raised taxes by $8.5 billion and increased spending by $13 billion.  This did nothing but help produce a $9 billion state budget deficit.

            According to Senator LaValle, the only agreement that has been reached this year is that state revenues will be $854 million less than projected by the Governor.  The state has to stop spending and stop taxing the people to bail out the government’s shortfall.

            “We must stay focused on adopting an on-time state budget that is negotiated in public and protects the taxpayers from greater financial burden,” said Senator Kenneth P. LaValle. 

            “The budget process cannot be tied up with chaos and interruptions that distract the Legislature from doing the people’s business.  We must move forward at a quick and effective pace to bring in an on-time budget that will best serve the people of New York,” concluded Senator LaValle.