Senator Lavalle Comments on Amendment to Criminal Justice Law

Kenneth P. LaValle

November 12, 2009

Last month, Senator LaValle and his Senate Republican colleagues called for the repeal of a recent change in criminal law, dubbed “Khadafy’s Law” by the New York Daily News.   The measure amended the medical parole provision, providing a loophole that allowed convicted murderers, rapists, and sex criminals to be freed from prison.


During the Tuesday, November 10, special session, Senator LaValle and his colleagues were successful in passing legislation in the Senate that would close the existing loophole.  The new amendment would require consecutive sentences for certain repeat felony and sex offenders seeking medical parole.  In addition, inmates would be required to complete one-half of their sentences and would not receive credit for time previously served on a prior offense.        

“I am pleased that the efforts of the Senate Republicans have served to protect the public from violent criminals,” said Senator Kenneth P. LaValle.  “The amendment to the state’s medical parole provision was criticized and voted down by Senate Republicans, but the Democrats pushed it through, weakening the state’s criminal justice laws and putting law-abiding citizens at risk.


“The change in law was an outrage and a grave injustice to the families and victims of heinous and tragic crimes,” continued Senator LaValle.  “If we hadn’t pointed out this loophole, dangerous inmates serving life sentences could have been eligible for parole.  I am pleased that we were able to close the loophole and save our communities from the possibility of putting convicted felons with extensive criminal histories back on the streets.