Senator Lavalle Comments on Events in Albany

Kenneth P. LaValle

June 17, 2009

Many tactics and policies implemented during this legislative session have hurt the taxpayers of our state.  Long Island, in particular, has borne the brunt of tax and fee increases and has served as a cash cow for the state coffers.


This year’s State budget increased spending by over 10 percent, created over $8 billion in new taxes and fees, and eliminated the STAR Rebate checks, which took much-needed property tax relief money away from Long Islanders.  As if that weren’t enough, taxpayers were further burdened with the single largest personal income tax increase in New York State history.


The knockout punch came in the form of the bloated MTA bailout. A plan that was crafted behind closed doors and hidden from the people it directly impacts. The bailout contains a $1.5 billion payroll tax, which is devastating our schools, businesses, not-for-profits, hospitals, and municipalities.


Something had to be done. Something had to change. Long Island businesses and taxpayers are being pushed to the brink of despair.  They can no longer afford to live on Long Island.  That is why I joined the new bipartisan coalition government in the New York State Senate.


The wheels of reform have been set in motion.  It is our responsibility as Legislators to follow through on our commitment to taxpayers across the state and deliver real change. I look forward to more transparency, accountability, and cooperation in the State Senate as we tackle the issues of our great State.


At the end of the day, governing is not about political parties, gridlock, or controversy. Governing is about leadership, compromise, and finding solutions to better serve the people and enhance their quality of life.  The people of the First Senate District can be assured of my continued commitment to working towards this end.