Senator Lavalle Comments on Financial Plan Update

Kenneth P. LaValle

July 30, 2009

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle expressed frustration upon learning that the New York State Budget Division is projecting the current year deficit at $2.1 billion and is expecting that number to grow to $4.6 billion by next year.  This updated financial information is cause for concern and confirms that the budget that was passed without a single Republican vote was the wrong budget at the wrong time.

            “The budget crafted and passed by Democrats included $12 billion in new spending, $8.5 billion in new taxes, and the elimination of the STAR rebate checks, which provided real property tax relief to homeowners,” said Senator LaValle.  “Rather than using federal stimulus monies to put New York on sounder financial ground and prevent tax increases, the Democrats went on a spending spree that will make it more difficult for the state to recover from this recession.

            “In the coming weeks, we must set clear priorities that allow us to create jobs, assist small businesses, provide property tax relief, and chart a more sensible economic course.  I stand ready to make the difficult choices necessary to achieve a balanced budget and protect overburdened taxpayers who have already sacrificed way too much.  One of my main priorities will be doing what it takes to restore this year’s STAR rebate checks for homeowners,” concluded Senator LaValle.