Senator Lavalle Comments on Governor’s Attempt to Delay State Tax Refunds

Kenneth P. LaValle

February 22, 2010

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle expressed outrage at Governor Paterson’s threat to hold back state refunds until April.  “This is the people’s money,” said Senator LaValle.  “It isn’t right that the Governor can consider delaying refunds that people depend on for their household expenses so that he can manage the state’s finances.

“In this tough economy, people are having difficulty meeting financial obligations and just staying afloat.  Now, they can’t even count on money that is rightfully theirs to be delivered in a timely fashion.  When taxpayers owe the state money they have to pay on time or risk the additional costs of interest and penalties.  The Governor’s action is disrespectful of the public’s rights because it suggests the state does not have to be accountable to the people.  This isn’t just or fair and I will not support this delay of state refunds in any way, shape, or form.”