Senator Lavalle Comments on One-Party Rule

Kenneth P. LaValle

March 25, 2010

Senator Kenneth P. LaValle is infuriated that the Democrats, who control every level of government in Albany, would rather talk about what happened 40 years ago instead of accepting responsibility for what they have done today. 

“The Democrats are calling Senate Republicans the ‘party of no.’  We have said ‘no’ alright.  Last year we said ‘no’ to $8.5 billion in new taxes, ‘no’ to the $1.5 billion MTA tax, ‘no’ to $13 billion in increased spending, and ‘no’ to taking away STAR property tax rebate checks.

“Senate Democrats have their own record of ‘no.’  Their budget resolution includes ‘no’ property tax relief for millions of homeowners, ‘no’ plan to create jobs, and ‘no’ cap on state spending or local property taxes.

“We face a $9 billion deficit this year, which will total more than $60 billion in four years because of the havoc the Democrats have caused since they have been in control.  They have led the most corrupt, secretive, dysfunctional government in state history.

“Whether it’s in Albany or in Washington, the Democrats are saying ‘no’ to the people and yes to their agenda for more taxes, more spending, and bigger government.  Left on their own, the Democrats will only compound New York’s problems by trying to borrow their way out of the mess they created.”