Senator Lavalle Honors Our Veterans

Kenneth P. LaValle

November 05, 2010

On November 11, the people of this great nation will celebrate Veteran's Day.  It is one of several days throughout the year on which American citizens pay special tribute to all those who so valiantly and honorably fought to uphold the freedoms of our country. 

Nationwide, Americans will proudly fly our country's flag in honor of the many sacrifices made in the name of freedom.  White symbolizing purity and innocence, red for hardiness and valor, and blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice--the very qualities the men and women of our military have demonstrated throughout American history.

We must never forget our veterans’ commitment, and their contributions must remain a significant part of American history if we are to stay a free nation.  As a State legislator, I have always fought for legislation recognizing our veteran's distinguished service and enhancing their quality of life.  When I return to Albany in January, I will continue my commitment to our veterans and veterans' organizations, and will work hard to pass new laws that serve to benefit our nation’s heroes, past and present.

This Veteran’s Day, I ask that you take time to pause and remember the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country’s freedoms.  Teach your children the tradition of honoring our veterans and the importance of being free. These lessons will help to ensure that future generations keep our nation’s history alive and that our future leaders have the courage to make tough decisions to protect the values that have made our country strong.