Senator LaValle: New “Puppy Mill” Law Now In Effect

Kenneth P. LaValle

January 13, 2014


“New York State’s “pet dealer” law, wasn’t strong enough to end the rein of unregulated “puppy mills”.  Legislation that I sponsored was just signed into law by the Governor and will enable local governments to restrict these cruel practices.” said Senator Ken LaValle. 


There have been reports of animals being born, raised and held in deplorable conditions throughout New York.  Prior to this new law, municipalities who wanted to pass more strict regulations were prohibited from passing laws to restrict breeders’ methods.  Now, localities will be able to take stronger action immediately to assist and protect animals.


Senator LaValle continued, “As a dog owner, myself, I understand the love and affection pets bring to our lives.  Innocent animals should never be subjected to the horrendous conditions that exist in breeders’ facilities.  I am hopeful that local governments now take the lead in enacting resolutions to stringently regulate and license pet dealers, so the reputable breeders can continue to supply healthy, happy dogs and cats to families.  This legislation sends a strong message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in this state.”


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